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Gabriellas salad dressings

The recipe was invented in the 1920s by Gabriella's grandmother Emilie.

Since that time, copied for private use by the members of the family, Gabriella has been professionally producing this unique, universal sauce since the beginning of 2004. Gabriella's salad dressing can of course be used with almost all salads, but also with grilled meat, jacket potatoes or potato salad. Refined with chives, cocktail tomatoes and chopped, hard-boiled egg, you can make a delicious dip with artichokes or cold vegetables.

Deliciously creamy, slightly mustard-spicy, this sauce is made exclusively from the best natural ingredients according to the original recipe. Stored in the refrigerator, Gabriella's salad dressing can be kept for about 6 months.

Dear Gabriellas customers,

Unfortunately we have to inform you that we are currently unable to procure 375ml bottles to fill our salad sauce into and therefore cannot sell small sizes of our sauces temporarily.

We are trying to find alternatives as soon as possible so that we can bring our small sauces to your home again.

We ask for your understanding!

Your Gabriellas Team

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